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What is Discovery?

Sometimes we can overthink things and think things are more than what they really are. This happens often in the legal world. What one may think is something complicated, sometimes it’s just not. So, let’s talk about this thing called discovery. What is discovery in layman terms? We like to describe legal cases of all types as being completed in...

Getting Help With Your Injury Case

When people call a Mississippi personal injury firm, they are often in the worst circumstances they can imagine. They are living on nothing or less than what they are used to, they are in pain, and they are often frustrated. It is important for a law firm to have experience with handling personal injury cases, but the people that...

How Much Money Will I Get After My Personal Injury Settlement?

My lawyer settled my personal injury case, how do I know how much money I will get in my pocket? After your personal injury case has settled, your attorney and paralegal will provide you with a detailed disbursement statement for you to review that will show the agreed settlement, all attorney’s fees and liens (if any) associated with your personal...

Statute of Limitations on a Personal Injury Claim in Mississippi

Statute of Limitations in Personal Injury
Many times clients ask what their time limits or statute of limitations are on their Mississippi personal injury claim. The answer we usually give is that it depends on the nature of the claim itself. Most limitation periods in Mississippi range from 1 year to 3 years.  Your case has a limited time in which to take legal action...

Getting a Quick Response From My Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyer’s Office

Response by text
Technology has advanced at a rapid pace for decades. When injured on the job, or as result of a car accident or personal injury in Mississippi, look for a lawyer that can provide clients with fast communication and aggressive representation. Our firm uses a texting platform to expand our ways of reaching out to clients and to improve the client’s...

Recent Presidential Proclamation

Presidential Proclamation
Recently this month, the presidential proclamation (recently issued on June 22, 2020 (#10014) which continued the proclamation issued on April 22, 2020 suspending entry of certain nonimmigrants) was suspended in part due to a preliminary injunction ordered by the district court in five consolidated cases, including Gomez, et al., v. Trump, et al.  This injunction brings relief to the...