Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Sierra Nevada recalls bottled beer in Mississippi, 35 other states

Sierra Nevada brewery announces 36-state recall of select beers, including Mississippi. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. announced a recall Sunday of certain 12-ounce bottles of its pale ales, IPA’s and other beers after detecting a packaging flaw that could cause a piece of glass to break off into the bottle. In a statement Sunday, it said the recall applies to eight different...

Samsung Destructive Phone Causes a Struggling Massive Recall

Samsung Electronics Co., faced with exploding batteries in some of its top-selling phones, worsened the situation in the way it communicated with regulators and consumers say former U.S. officials and people familiar with similar product recalls. The discovery that batteries on the Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone could ignite created a tricky task for the company: orchestrate a recall...

Cook Medical Lawsuits Growing Fast

Cook Medical
The lawsuits against Cook Medical began four years ago with a trickle but have since turned into a gusher, now surpassing 500. Patients around the country say the company’s blood-clot filters—small, cage-like devices inserted into blood vessels to prevent blood clots from reaching the lungs—have broken apart, moved or poked through a vessel. Some of the patients complain of pain, infections...

FDA still taking months to recall tainted food

Federal health officials failed to force a recall of peanut butter and almond products for three months after advanced DNA testing confirmed salmonella contamination, government investigators reported Thursday. Despite new legal powers to compel recalls and sophisticated technology to fingerprint pathogens, the Food and Drug Administration allowed some food-safety investigations to drag on, placing consumers in jeopardy of death or...

General Mills issues major recall after E. coli outbreak

General Mills
E. coli sickens 38 people due to General Mills Flour   General Mills, owner of the venerable Gold Medal brand, has recalled over 10 million pounds of flour after 38 people in 20 states got sick from a potentially deadly strain of E. coli that may have originated in the company’s products. The Golden Valley-based packaged food giant Tuesday announced the voluntary...

Family of Teen Killed By Airbag Suing Honda

killed by airbag
Teen's family suing Honda due to being killed by airbag. The family of Huma Hanif has filed a lawsuit in Harris County against Honda, Takata and others connected to the death of the 17-year-old George Ranch High School senior from a faulty Takata airbag which deployed during a minor crash on March 31. A metal shard burst through the airbag, killing Hanif...