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More than 60 million non-repaired recalled vehicles remain on our highways


More than 60 million non-repaired recalled vehicles remain on our highways today, this according to Carfax, who recently released data showing facts supporting these recent statistics.

It makes you wonder, if vehicle owners are not getting their vehicles fixed as often anymore, or do we have more open recalls on vehicles?

The current data collected by Carfax suggests that people seem to have less free time to bring their vehicles to the dealership, as minivans and SUVs make up the majority of the non-repaired recalls.

According to a Carfax spokesman, having a recall on your vehicle should make getting it repaired a top priority.

Of the states with the most recalled but not repaired vehicles, Mississippi ranks as one of the highest. Having a vehicle on the open highway that has a recall on it, but choosing not to have a repair done to that recall places a great danger to yourself and to others.

A recent example of vehicle recall issues would be that of the Takata Airbag recall. The Takata Airbag recall was the largest recall in automotive history, and this may be a big contributing factor in the increase of recalled non-repaired vehicles. The recall prioritizes humid climates, with the airbag propellant being set off by warmer temperatures.

Another spokesman from Carfax suggested that vehicle owners are either unaware that their vehicles are subject to a recall or they may be experiencing “recall fatigue.”

Car owners are encouraged to enter their car’s VIN into NHTSA’s to see if it is subject to an open recall.

Carfax also offers its own online resource for looking up the latest recalls by license plate or VIN.

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