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What Should I Bring to My Attorney for My New Client Appointment


What should I bring to my attorney for my new client appointment in a workers compensation case? That is a common question we get from new clients many times.

Here are the best things we recommend for you to bring to your attorney when coming in for a new client appointment involving a workers compensation case.

Bring your attorney any documents you have relating to your case.  Some people come with nothing, some come with a huge pile of disorganized papers, and some come with a neatly organized and indexed set of documents.  Any of these are fine, and the attorney will be able to get started with nothing or with everything you have.  What you do not want to do is leave anything related to your case sitting on the counter at home.  Some examples of papers you would never want to leave at home if you have them would be medical records, medical bills, check stubs, letters from the workers compensation insurance carrier, work excuses, receipts, or anything else that might relate to your claim.  If you bring nothing the attorney can still proceed, but the more you bring, the easier it will be for the attorney to create a plan of action for your case.  Every little document helps to put the pieces of the puzzle together quicker.

Caroline Scott Hommell

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