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Can I choose my own physician in a workers compensation case?


YES, BUT be careful. In Mississippi, after you have had a surgery or treated with the same physician for six months, you are stuck and you lose your choice. This is critical because often insurance companies and employers will initially steer you to the doctors they know will be more on their side. They just hope they can keep you there for six months before you find out you could have chosen your own doctor and never had to accept who they recommended for treatment to begin with.

You do not have to sign a choice of physician form to get treatment. Most people don’t think to ask this question and just assume the insurance company is steering them to the best doctor. If you have been injured recently, you should seek attorney advice to make sure you are on a treatment path with doctors known to be fair rather than those who tend to side with the insurance company. So many of our firm’s clients waited too late to get a free consultation, and we have to spend the rest of their case scratching and clawing to undo the damage that has already been done.

If you have been recently injured, or even if your injury was a long time ago, call our office today for a free and confidential consultation. You will get to discuss the facts of your case, all the things the employer and insurance adjuster have told you, and most importantly, you will get advice on what you were told correctly and incorrectly. It is a perfect opportunity to dispel the myths that you may have heard from a friend of a friend and make a decision on how you can best proceed in your best interests based on honest and real information rather than what others may have incorrectly told you. Contact the attorneys at Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A., at 601-948-8005 or by going to our website at As always it is free and you will have no obligation to hire us.


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