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Center for Auto Safety requests that Federal judge force GM to turn over confidential documents


Bloomberg News reports that General Motors has requested that a Federal judge not hand over “confidential information related to its 2009 government rescue” to the Center for Auto Safety, which is “researching the ignition-switch defect” in GM cars tied to the massive, “2.59 million”-vehicle recall this year. In the words of the Center for Auto Safety’s court filings, submitted yesterday in Washington, “GM has an interest in protecting its confidential information that obviously diverges from the center’s interest in disclosure, and that also diverges from Treasury’s interest in responding to the center’s request.” Moreover, the safety center’s President Clarence Ditlow alleges that GM tried to hide the potentially fatal ignition-switch defect for more than a decade, meaning the company never acknowledged the problem to a Federal bankruptcy court when it received millions in taxpayer-funded bailouts as well as protection from future lawsuits.

Report expected soon. The Wall Street Journal reports on the awaited report about GM’s defective ignition-switch from former US Attorney Anton Valukas. The company has said that it is awaiting the report before taking any further action. The article highlights a number of questions that the report may address including who made a number of decisions regarding the switch and why action was not taken to address the problem at various earlier moments when problems became apparent.

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