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Dangerous Obsolete Motor Oil


For years, Dollar General has marketed and sold its Dollar General-brand motor oil to customers by saying its products are of equal quality but lower price than brand-name alternatives.

What consumers do not realize is some of Dollar General’s motor oil is obsolete, meaning it should not be used in certain vehicles.

On the back of Dollar General’s SAE 30 motor oil, in small print, it reads that it’s not suitable for automotive engines manufactured after 1930. Two other types, SAE 10W-30 and SAE 10W-40, are not suitable for automotive engines manufactured after 1988.

Using DG motor oil in your vehicle can damage your engine, engine components, and emission control system.

Dollar General’s placement of the DG Auto motor oils on the same shelves and in similar quantities as the other motor oils suggests that the products are the same, and conceals the fact that the DG Auto motor oils have an extremely obscure and limited use.

Dollar General also fail to warn its customers adequately of the obsolete nature of Dollar General Auto motor oils or of the dangers Dollar General Auto motor oils pose to the very automobiles its customers are trying to protect by purchasing Dollar General Auto motor oil.

Dollar General Auto motor oil does not give any indication of its limitations on the front of its packaging, only stating that it “lubricates and protects your engine.”   Dollar General obscures its disclaimer in small font under a larger description of the product that is misleading.

If you are unfamiliar with motor oils, and want to make sure you are using the appropriate type, please click here to learn more about what you should be using in your vehicle.

If you or a loved one have have had a vehicle affected by using these types of motor oil, contact us today at 601-948-8005 or use or live chat or contact form. There is no fee to discuss your claim and you may be eligible for compensation due to Dollar General’s Motor Oil.

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