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Can I Be Found Disabled by Social Security in Mississippi If I Can Work Part-Time?


Yes.  In order to be found disabled by Social Security in Mississippi, you must meet the physical or mental requirements for disability as well as be incapable of performing work at the substantial gainful activity level (SGA). For 2021, the SGA level is $1,310 per month. This means that you can earn under $1,310 per month and be capable of being found disabled by Social Security if you meet the physical or mental requirements for disability. You must be found by Social Security to not be physically or mentally capable of earning more than $1,310 per month. In other words, you cannot just go work part-time and think you can get disability because you are earning under SGA level. You must also prove that you cannot physically or mentally perform enough work in order to earn at least $1,310 per month.

If you find yourself in the position of needing an attorney to help with your social security claim and whether social security in Mississippi determine that you are disabled, please contact Teresa E. Harvey at 601-948-8005, or browse through our website. Teresa is an associate attorney for Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A. that handles the CG Law Group, P.A. area of the firm. CG Law Group, P. A., is an affiliated firm of Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A. that was formed by the founding members of Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A. to meet the growing needs of the firm’s clients without compromising the attorney’s abilities to focus on a particular area of law.  Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A. is able to give top rate competent service to people who have been injured, while the affiliated CG Law Group, P.A. is able to meet the other legal needs of injured people like estate and chancery work, social security disability, and discrimination cases.  Together, we strive to assure that our client’s rights are upheld and that their best interests are served

If you are interested in applying for social security disability in Mississippi or have any questions regarding social security disability, please give us a call at 601-948-8005 for a free consultation.

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