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Doctor Appointment Attendance is Important to an Injury Case


One of the best ways to ensure you get adequate and fair compensation for your injury in Mississippi is to make sure you receive medical treatment and do so in a timely manner. Documentation matters and attendance matters. The reasons that appointment attendance is important is that it can help paint a clearer picture about your injury, it may help speed up the process of your claim, and it may help you receive benefits if you are taken off of work by a doctor. On the contrary missed appointments can cause detrimental impact to your health or injury, can cause the Carrier to deny your claim, or your temporary disability payments may be suspended.

In many cases there are reasons you are unable to attend an appointment. Maybe you are unable to take off work or maybe you have a problem with reliable transportation. Many clinics will work with your schedule and do their best to accommodate early morning or late afternoon appointments. If transportation is your issue, in admitted claims, this can be arranged and paid for by the Carrier to ensure you attend your appointment.

If you have a reason that you are unable to attend your doctor’s appointment, it is best to contact your attorney so this appointment can be rescheduled without any penalties and so that we can help make sure you receive the necessary medical treatment going forward.


Amanda Woolsey

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