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Energy drinks may cause seizures, heart problems in young kids


NBC Nightly News reported, “We’re back now with a new warning about the popular energy drinks and the potential danger they present when they get into the hands of young children.” NBC News medical contributor Natalie Azar, MD, explained, “Researchers looked at records from 55 poison control centers over a three-year period and found more than 5,000 cases of energy drink exposure,” nearly all of which were unintentional. Additionally, more “than 40 percent involved children under the age of six.”

Bloomberg News reports that some of the children who drank energy drinks ended up “suffering seizures and heart problems.” Individuals “of all ages with underlying health conditions should be vigilant about the heavily caffeinated beverages…said” Steven Lipshultz, MD, chairman of pediatrics at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. The study data were presented over the weekend at the American Heart Association conference.

HealthDay reports, “Some energy drinks have up to 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine per serving, Lipshultz said, compared to about 100 mg or 150 mg in” the average cup of coffee.

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