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What to do following a car accident?


Many times the clients we see are involved in a car accident for the very first time and have no idea what to do. Here some recommended tips:


  • Call the police. A police report can be helpful in proving your case. The police will come out and investigate the scene and make a preliminary determination on fault.
  • Collect as much information as possible. This includes insurance information, VIN and license plate numbers. You should also collect the names, phone numbers and contact information of the other driver or any witnesses.
  • Take photos. Be sure to use your phone or a camera to take pictures of the accident scene. The photos should include the surrounding area as well as any damage to the vehicles. Also be sure to take pictures of any visible physical damage or bruises you may have from the accident.
  • Seek medical treatment if necessary. Where you see treatment is not as important as being sure that you seek treatment. If EMTs are called to the scene, cooperate with their examination. Or you can elect to go to the emergency room or a clinic.
  • Contact an attorney. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with. Before accepting a settlement offer, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney can ensure that you are receiving adequate compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained. By settling your case without an attorney, you could be waiving your right to fair compensation.


If you’ve been injured in an car accident, the experienced attorneys at Chhabra & Gibbs are here to help. We believe in doing everything in our power to deliver you the results you deserve, and will be by your side every step of the way when dealing with the insurance company. Contact an experienced Mississippi Personal Injury attorney today at our office by calling 601-948-8005 or by using our live chat on our website.


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