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GM announces another recall


NBC Nightly News reported that GM has recalled “more than 218,000 small cars – most of them Chevy Aveos from model years 2004 to 2008. GM says a faulty part of the daytime running lights could overheat and cause a fire.”

Fox Business reported on its website that the new recall, announced Wednesday, comes a day after the company announced a recall of “2.6 million vehicles globally, most of them in the United States.”

Treasury had no knowledge of ignition problem during bankruptcy. Bloomberg News reports that the Department of the Treasury “had no information” about the GM ignition-switch defect “that’s been linked to 13 deaths, members of the team that oversaw the automaker’s restructuring” said on Tuesday. The Treasury team that worked to “guide” GM through its bankruptcy “never learned of the safety concern – and would have had a hard time finding out, even if it had tried, said Harry Wilson, who had been a member of the government’s automotive task force.”

In a piece picked up from the Detroit Free Press, USA Today reports that Steve Rattner, who “directed the Obama administration’s efforts to run GM and Chrysler through bankruptcy with the more than $80 billion of taxpayer dollars,” said, “As best we know, the senior people at GM didn’t even know,. They can’t tell you about something they didn’t know.”

Barra updates lawmakers on internal probe. The Wall Street Journal reports that GM CEO Mary Barra was back on Capitol Hill to privately brief Sen. Claire McCaskill and others on the progress of an internal probe into the ignition defects.

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