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GM executive involved in studying ignition problem retires


The New York Times reports that GM announced on Monday that Jim Federico, a senior engineer, decided to retire after working 36 years for the company. According to the article, documents filed with Federal officials show that Federico, who was responsible for global vehicle integration, “was involved in studying the faulty switches” linked to 13 deaths. The report notes that Federico is the fourth GM executive to retire or resign since the company admitted earlier in the year that it “failed for years to recall cars with faulty ignition switches.” GM spokesman Greg Martin said that Federico’s departure is not related to the continuing investigation into the defective ignition switches. Later, the Times mention that aside from an internal investigation, the recall is being investigated by the NHTSA, the DOJ and a House committee.

Bloomberg News quotes Martin as saying in a released statement that Federico decided to retire “to pursue other opportunities.”

The Detroit Free Press notes that the announcement comes almost a month after the automaker “suspended with pay two engineers — Ray DeGiorgio and Gary Altman, who were involved in the decision to change the ignition switch design without changing the part number.” According to the report, GM CEO Mary Barra has vowed to “hold executives responsible” for the automaker’s failure to “promptly fix the ignition switch on 2.6 million small cars.”

Ignition switch problem may prompt GM to abandon ignition keys

Car Connection reports that “as terrible” as all the news surrounding GM’s ignition switch problems “may be,” the situation “could have one positive outcome: the end of the ignition key.” Citing a Bloomberg News report, the article says that GM CEO, Mary Barra, told a “Congressional committee that the ‘Switchgate’ recall may force” the company to eliminate ignition keys “altogether in favor of push-button systems.” Car Connection says that such a move would end several years of “complaints from consumers.”

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