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I Want to Choose My Own Doctor


I want to choose my own doctor……


One of the most frequent complaints that we hear in the beginning stages of a workers’ compensation claim is from clients who want to choose their own treating physician.  Sometimes, adjusters or case managers have already approached the client trying to get them to sign a “ Choice of Physician” form.  This can be confusing for people who have not yet consulted an attorney and don’t understand their rights under Mississippi law.


In Mississippi, injured workers have the right to choose their own physicians within the first six months of their injury, or up until they have a surgery.  After that six month mark, generally you are stuck treating with the doctor that you are currently with—whether you chose that doctor or not. Frequently, insurance companies like to argue that because they have obtained a “ choice of physician” form signed by the injured worker, that person is not allowed to change to a new doctor, even if they are within the 6 month window. These choice of physician forms are not required by law, but if you do not know your rights, it can seem like you must sign one to see a new doctor.


Caroline Hommell


Depending on your situation, there can be other avenues to getting you in with a new doctor after your six month choice of physician window is up, but it takes a skilled attorney to come up with the best plan for you.  Give us a call at 601-948-8005 to discuss your options for changing treating doctors.



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