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We recently settled a claim for $85,000.00 and we used a special tool to do it. Mediation. Mediations are an effective way to resolve issues and settle a claim for max dollar, while allowing both parties to be transparent with one another. Though not every mediation will resolve the claim, it is sometimes a worthwhile step to try and reach resolution. What is a mediation? Simply put, mediation is a meeting where the parties agree to meet with an agreed upon, impartial experienced independent lawyer to assist in negotiation of the claim. Nobody HAS to resolve anything, but mediations often work wonders for resolving claims.

Mediations are valuable tools for a number of reasons. First, you have the opportunity to be heard by an impartial attorney, who can give you feedback as to the strengths and weaknesses of your claim. Though the mediator is not the actual judge, they are usually long-tenured attorneys that have seen and done it all. Getting to hear another’s perspective is valuable for considering if you have been getting adequate representation and deciding on whether you settle your claim or not.

Further, you will get to hear the oppositions’ case against you. Before the parties are split into different rooms, the mediator will often ask to hear from the two attorneys and yourself. Your attorney will present the strengths of your claim and will also have the chance to raise the weaknesses that you face – every case has them – and tell the mediator how they plan to deal with those issues. The defense attorney will do the same. The mediator will the provide you with feedback as to what he or she has just heard. Having the opportunity to hear what will be used for and against you is a pivotal point in deciding should you settle or not.

Finally, mediations in Mississippi give back to the community. When we mediate Mississippi Workers Compensation claims, some of the money goes to “Kids Chance,” a non-profit that focuses on giving back to our children. Giving to the kids, settling your claim, and getting better awards should all be a positive incentive for conducting mediations.

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