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Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Benefits If Your Injury At Work Was Your Fault.


Can you still receive Mississippi Workers’ Compensation benefits if you got hurt at work and it was your fault?

Even if you were at fault and caused the accident to happen that resulted in your injury, you can still make a workers’ compensation claim in Mississippi and receive benefits. This is possible because the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation system is a no-fault system. This means that if an employee is hurt at work, and those injuries arise out of and occur in the course of their employment, the injured worker is eligible to make a workers’ compensation claim. The system does not consider who was at fault for an injured worker to receive benefits.

When many states began passing workers’ compensation laws, many began referring to the idea as a “grand compromise” between employees and employers. For injured workers to get this no-fault system of benefits, the law sets a maximum on the amount of money and type of benefits available to injured workers. In exchange for that limit, injured workers do not have to worry about their claims being denied because they were negligent and caused their work injury. This exchange between the employer and employees is the compromise that makes up our workers’ compensation system.

No matter who caused the work injury, if you are hurt on the job in Mississippi, you need someone that will fight for you. Often, injured workers will get the run-around after they get hurt at work and apply for workers’ compensation benefits.


If you or a loved one got hurt on the job, please contact us at Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A., today at (601)-948-8005 or use our live chat on our website. We have a team of personal injury lawyers and staff that are ready and willing to fight to ensure that you receive all the benefits you are owed.

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