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12-Year-Old Pedestrian is Killed After Being Hit by Vehicle


Wednesday afternoon a 12-year-old pedestrian is killed after being hit by a vehicle in Memphis, TN. Action News reports the crash happened around 3:30 P.M. and that the child was rushed to the hospital where she later died. The driver of the truck stayed at the scene and was detained by police.

Unfortunately, this news of a pedestrian killed after being hit by a vehicle happens way too often. In 2020 there were over 6,500 pedestrians killed in the U.S. according to NHTSA.  When a person is hit by a vehicle and survives, they are often left in severe pain and outrageous medical bills, and for those that don’t survive, leave their family with the pain and medical bills.

After a serious pedestrian accident, its important to know that your uninsured motorist coverage or anyone in your household that has this coverage will likely be covered if this occurs. Many people don’t realize that they can be sitting in a chair, standing on a sidewalk, on the second floor of an office building, or sitting by the dock of the bay and if they get injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident, they can make a claim against any applicable uninsured motorist coverage.

When a pedestrian is killed after being hit by a vehicle, it’s important to hold those at fault, responsible. After a serious pedestrian accident occurs be sure to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. The dedicated law team of Chhabra & Gibbs P.A. has 130+ years of combined legal experience dealing with all kinds of injuries.

If you or a loved one was injured as a result of a vehicle crash, contact us at 601-948-8005 for a FREE consultation. We have attorneys standing by to help get the compensation you deserve. For more personal injury news visit

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