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Personal Injuries During the Holidays


The holidays are a wonderful time to spend with family and friends, but the gatherings can sometimes end badly. Whether you are traveling to see family, shopping for last minute gifts, or working overtime, it’s important to understand the dangers that come with each of these. Car wrecks, slip and fall injuries in a business, as well as work related injuries are just a few of the personal injuries during the holidays that can occur.

Car Wrecks During the Holidays

AAA estimates that there will be an increase of more than 3 million people travelling during the holidays this year versus last year. This increase in travel means more traffic and auto accidents. While many of us don’t ever expect to be in a car crash, it’s important to know what to do after a car wreck.

  • Call the Police
  • Take note of any witnesses and take pictures
  • Request a copy of the police report
  • Seek medical ASAP
  • Call a car accident attorney

We all hope to never be in the situation, but it’s better to know what to do after a car wreck than not. So, whether it’s a car crash, 18-wheeler accident, or motorcycle wreck be sure to follow these steps and call Chhabra & Gibbs P.A. to get a FREE case evaluation.

Slip & Falls During the Holidays

A record 196.7 million people shopped over the Thanksgiving weekend and that trend isn’t slowing down with the holidays right around the corner. While many of us do our shopping online there are many people shopping in stores and malls to get there gifts. With the influx of shoppers in stores it can cause problems for many shoppers as many injuries can occur due to the negligence of employees and employers.

If you are injured in a business due to the negligence of the store or its employees remember to report incident to the manager and get an incident report, take pictures of what caused your injury, seek medical treatment, and call an experienced personal injury attorney.

Work Injuries During the Holidays

Every year in the U.S there are millions of people injured on the job. During the holiday season you may find yourself working overtime to make up for time off, cover more tasks due to others time off, or having to expedite deadlines as a result of the upcoming holidays. Due to these circumstances, you may be injured.

If you injure yourself while on the job, it’s important to know your rights and what to do in order to protect yourself. Under Mississippi Workers Compensation Law if an employer has 5 or more employees, they are required to have workers compensation insurance coverage.  If you are injured at work be sure to report it to your supervisor, get an incident report, take pictures and note of any witnesses, see a doctor of your choosing, and then call a Workers’ Comp Attorney.

Experienced Workers’ Comp Attorneys

Whether you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall in a business, or injure yourself on the job it’s important to contact an experienced Personal Injury Attorney. Chhabra & Gibbs P.A. has over 130 years of combined experience dealing with all kinds of personal injury cases. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

If you or a loved one has a personal injury claim, contact us 24/7 for a FREE consultation at 601-948-8005. Our team of lawyers and legal staff is standing by to help you get maximum compensation for your injuries. For more personal injury news visit

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