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Posting on Social media can kill your legal case


I wince when I see people post pictures on social media of their wrecked car or comments about what just happened immediately after an accident.  Taking pictures or notes immediately is great and should be done if you are physically able.  But posting them for the world to see is unnecessary and could hurt your case.

How can it hurt?  An attorney on the opposing side is much more likely to find something to cross examine you about and twist your words during a deposition or at trial.  The comments made by friends on your social media could be taken out of context and be more fodder for a lawyer to cross you up.  Even your own comments can mis-construed.

Does this mean you should hide something or lie?  No.  Eventually in court or in a deposition the truth will come out, and you will need to be honest, but it is much better for it to come out in the thoughtful and measured process of a deposition or court testimony, especially when it is tempered by good legal advice.

Rogen K. Chhabra

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