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Can I still work if I receive Social Security Disability benefits?


Yes. You can still work even if you have been found disabled by Social Security and still receive your Social Security disability benefits. However, there is a cap on how much you can earn and still be eligible to receive your disability benefits. For 2022, you can earn $1,350 per month ($2,260 if you are blind) and still be eligible to receive your disability benefits. Social Security considers this level of earning substantial gainful activity (SGA). This amount is adjusted by Social Security annually.

You should keep in mind that the Social Security Administration can bring your disability case up for review at any time. If your case is brought up for review, you will have to prove to Social Security that your disability still exists and you are still not capable of working at a substantial gainful activity level. Of course, if you are working while receiving disability benefits, this will come up during your review. Depending on the type of work you are performing, the amount of hours you are working and the amount of money you are making, the work you are doing while receiving disability benefits could lead the Social Security Administration to find that you are no longer disabled and that you are now capable of performing a job at the substantial gainful activity level.

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