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Tech who falsified mammogram results found guilty


A former radiology technician from Georgia has been sentenced to jail for faking the mammogram results of more than 1,200 women. Fox News says:

“Rachael Rapraeger will spend six months in prison. She pleaded guilty to entering more than 1,200 mammograms as negative.”

But The Telegraph reports 10 of those women actually had cancer, two of whom have since died. And doctors at Perry Hospital, where Rapraeger used to work, never even reviewed the mammograms. It’s unclear why they wouldn’t have looked at those mammograms.

One of those 10 women who actually did have cancer is Sharon Holmes. CNN says Holmes discovered she had breast cancer two months after Rapraeger falsified Holmes’ mammogram results in 2009.

Holmes has now been in remission for three years and spoke directly to Rapraeger while on the stand, saying, “You could have made a different decision, and my family and I would not be living this nightmare.”

WMAZ quotes Holmes, who says: “I’m not a name on a piece of paper; I’m a person. And I think she will remember me.”

According to KAEF Rapraeger’s attorney told the judge his client was overwhelmed at work and that she falsified the results to get caught up. He added that she wasn’t supervised properly.

Although she initially pleaded not guilty, Rapraeger ended up taking a plea deal and pleaded guilty to 10 counts of reckless conduct and one count of computer forgery.

WMAZ says Judge Katherine Lumsden reprimanded Rapraeger when handing down the sentence.

“You played Russian roulette with the lives of essentially a thousand women in this community.”
Rapraeger has been sentenced to 12 months probation for each one of the 10 sentences and up to six months in a state detention center when space is made available. She is also not allowed to work in the health care industry for the next 10 years.

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