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Thousands of People along the Gulf Coast Suffer ‘BP Crud’


Thousands of people throughout the Gulf Coast region have become ill since the BP Oil Spill disaster. Several private enviornmental teams and organizations have traveled to the coast only to discover that the air truly contains toxic levels of various chemicals found in Oil and natural gas. These levels were so alarming to some teams that many immediately packed up and left the area to which they were staying.

Even though these results have been provided to State and Federal agencies, these agencies still persist that nothing is wrong with the Air Quality or Water Quality. The EPA continously states that these readings aren’t concrete evidence that proves anything even though the results were found by their own testing machines.

Below is a link to an article explaining what symptoms people along the Gulf Coast are experiencing and the scientific evidence that is being covered up by local, state and federal agencies in order to preserve what little credibility and security remains in these areas that have been so ravaged by disasters in the past years.

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