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Tips to Avoid Bicycle Injuries


According to the CDC bicyclists attest for nearly 1,000 deaths and 130,000 injuries every year on roads in the United States. This number seems pretty high for an activity that seems to be so leisurely as biking. While most bicycle related deaths occur for people 55 and older, one third of the injuries are from those ages 10-24. Bicycle accidents can occur to anyone no matter their age but knowing how to avoid injury or death while riding a bike is crucial. The following are 7 tips to avoid bicycle injuries.

  1. Wear a Helmet

Wearing a helmet while biking is one of the most important things you can do to prevent an injury or death. Just because you don’t travel at speeds like a car or motorcycle does, one fall of a bike can land you with injuries both minor and deadly. Make sure you have the correct size helmet and that it is secure.

  1. Check your Bicycle

Be sure to always check your bicycle before you ride to make sure your tires are inflated correctly, your chain is connected, and that your brakes are working. Bicycle accidents due to mechanical error happen often but by making a habit of checking each of these you can prevent mechanical related crashes.

  1. Wear Proper Clothing

When riding a bike make sure you are wearing the proper clothes to avoid major injuries. Always wear close toed shoes with the laces tied and no loose-fitting clothing as they can get caught in the chain or tires causing you to crash.

  1. Reflective Gear

Always wear a bright or reflective color when biking so that vehicle drivers are able to see you on or near the road. Also make sure your bike has reflective gear and a light when traveling at night or poorly lite trails. Allowing others to see you is crucial in order to prevent a crash.

  1. No Headphones

Avoid wearing headphones when biking as you won’t be able to hear your surroundings such as vehicles honking or anything else that could cause danger. Instead of listening to music enjoy nature while you’re biking outdoors.

  1. Reduce Speed

Traveling at a safe speed can prevent many injuries as you are less likely to crash as you will have a quicker response time to any dangers in your path such as other people, vehicles, or debris on the path.

  1. Avoid High Traffic

Avoiding high traffic areas such as busy streets. When biking on high traffic roads such as the Natchez Trace you take a huge risk of a vehicle hitting you causing major injuries or death.


By following these tips to avoid bicycle injuries you can help reduce the risk of injury or death when biking. Wearing the right equipment and traveling in safe areas can prevent many injuries to both you and others. If you find yourself in a bicycle accident, be sure to call the police, seek medical treatment, and contact and experienced personal injury attorney.

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