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Can I get Workers Compensation benefits for my work-related injury even if I wasn’t actually on the job-site when I was injured?


Yes, so long as you were in the scope of employment. Scope of employment generally means that you were doing something that would benefit your employer. In Mississippi there have been cases where even a lunch hour or break would count as being within the scope of employment, depending on the specific circumstances The law in Mississippi states that as long as the injury arises out of and occurs within your course of employment, you are entitled to benefits.For example, if an employee is a traveling salesperson and is injured in the hotel where he or she is staying for business purposes, they will likely be entitled to workers compensation.Or if the employee is a truck driver and is injured while driving or making a delivery, they will likely be covered. Also, if you were injured while attending an event that your employer required you to go to, you may be able to receive workers compensation benefits as well.

On the other hand, if an employee is running a personal errand that takes him or her outside the workplace and course & scope of employment, the employee may or may not be covered. You should always speak to an attorney about whether your injury arises out of and occurred within the course and scope of your employment. This is a question for a judge to answer, not your employer.

Amanda G. Hill

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