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Your Rights and Covid-19 Related Travel Cancellations


As the Coronavirus continues to spread, many companies, such as airlines, are having Covid-19 related travel cancellations that customers have already purchased tickets for. Some consumers are not being offered a refund. Instead, airlines and other travel companies are forcing consumers to accept vouchers that can only be used with that specific airline and expire within a short period of time. Given the uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic, refusing refunds and instead requiring customers to travel within a short period of time when it still may not be safe to travel or lose out on their entire purchase amounts to a breach of the contract between the company and the ticket purchaser.

If you or a loved one have already purchased airline tickets, cruise ship tickets, hotel accommodations, or other forms of travel and have had those plans canceled by the company due to COVID-19 related travel cancellations, you are entitled to a refund. If a company refuses to offer you a proper refund and instead offers a voucher with stringent term limits, that company could be liable for violating your rights and breaking the law. If you’re getting the run around about a refund from an airline, train, guided tour, Airbnb booking, hotel accommodation, resort, cruise, or rental car agency, the lawyers at our partner firm Chhabra Gibbs & Herrington PLLC can help you.


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