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Consumer Law In 2021: A Look Ahead


The lawyers of Chhabra Gibbs & Herrington PLLC spend each day fighting for the rights of consumers, and we look forward to continuing the fight in 2021. We are proud supporters of the efforts of organizations such as the National Consumer Law Center. Below are just some of the goals NCLC will be working on in 2021 – and Chhabra Gibbs & Herrington PLLC shares these goals. To see NCLC’s complete agenda, click here.

Always remember, if you believe you have a case involving any of these subjects, give us a call for a free consultation.

ACCESS TO JUSTICE: Restore our Day in Court
➤ End the use of forced arbitration in contracts.

BANKRUPTCY: A Fresh Start for Working Families
➤ Give student loan borrowers and those struggling with unaffordable criminal justice fines and fees the same fresh start opportunity as others.

CARS: Ensure Low-income Families Can Get and Keep a Car at Fair Terms
➤ Identify and dismantle barriers to car ownership for low-income people and people of color, bring fairness to car sales and finance through transparency and consistency, and ensure the cars sold are safe and reliable.

CFPB: Keep the Consumer Watchdog Working for Us
➤ Refocus the CFPB on its mission to protect consumers and fight discrimination.

CIVIL RIGHTS & FAIR LENDING: Defend & Enforce Our Laws
➤ Preserve the collection of race and ethnicity data and require loan-level data during the COVID-19 emergency and beyond .

CREDIT: Limit Interest Rates to Stop Predatory Lending 
➤ Extend the 36% interest rate cap that currently protects active duty servicemembers to all consumers and stop overdraft fees used as a high-cost form of credit.

CREDIT REPORTING: Stop Errors & Abuses
➤ Enact comprehensive credit reporting reform including free credit scores; a ban on information that is outdated, misleading or related to predatory activities; identity theft protections; and limits on the use of credit reports for jobs.

DEBT COLLECTION: Protect Consumers from Abusive Collection Practices
➤ Protect wages, bank accounts and other income needed for food and necessities from garnishment or government offset, including the Earned Income and Child Tax Credits and Social Security benefits.
➤ Enact debt collection rules to protect consumers, not abusive collectors.

HOUSING: Ensure Access to Sustainable Homeownership
➤ Stop the coming COVID-19 tsunami of foreclosures by extending the foreclosure moratorium and requiring lenders to assist borrowers facing hardship and help them get back on track before a foreclosure starts.

STUDENT LOANS: Lift the $1.6 Trillion Weight from Consumer Shoulders
➤ Provide widespread student loan debt cancellation, and restore and improve vital collection limits and protections to hold predatory institutions of higher education accountable and provide relief to harmed students.

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