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Hit and Run Car Accident in Mississippi


What should I do if I’m in a hit and run car accident in Mississippi?


First, do not chase them.  Let me say that again.  Do not chase the person you were in a hit and run car wreck with.  People do this because they have a sense of justice.  I understand that, but chasing someone could get you hurt…or worse.  There is no reason to risk your safety.  This should be an easy car insurance issue.


If you have been following our other blogs, you know all about uninsured motorist insurance in Mississippi.  You know that it comes automatic on every policy unless you made the unwise decision to reject your own coverage for yourself.  You should always discuss your uninsured motorist coverage with your agent and buy as much as they will agree to sell you.  It is the cheapest part of the policy, but it is the only part that actually covers your own injuries.  Do not reject uninsured motorist coverage in the state of Mississippi.  Let me say that again.  Do not reject uninsured motorist coverage on your Mississippi car insurance policy.


My favorite kind of car wreck case in Mississippi to work up is one where the other guy has no insurance or where he took off and couldn’t be found.  Why?  Because I would much rather be dealing with an insurance company you made a deal with than an insurance company you have never met.  The one you made a deal with has an obligation to you to be fair.  The insurance company for the person who hit you has no such obligation and can unfairly drag you out in litigation for years.


If you are involved in a car wreck in Hinds county, Yazoo county, Madison county, Rankin county, Copiah county, North Mississippi, South Mississippi or anywhere else in the state of Mississippi, you should not chase anyone who hits and runs, you should go to the doctor immediately if you are hurt, and you should contact a Mississippi car wreck attorney who knows what they are doing.  There can be a lot of loss involved in a car wreck.  Instead of getting mad about what the other driver does or their lack of insurance, let a personal injury lawyer worry about those problems so you can spend your time getting better.  If you get the right lawyer in Mississippi, odds are you will recover more of your losses by way of money in your pocket than if you try to do it on your own.


Rogen K. Chhabra


Having an experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Jackson, MS is essential for getting you the compensation you deserve. If you’ve been injured in a car wreck in Mississippi, the experienced attorneys at Chhabra & Gibbs are here to help. We believe in doing everything in our power to deliver you the results you deserve, and will be by your side every step of the way when dealing with the insurance company. Contact an experienced Mississippi Personal Injury attorney today at our office by calling 601-948-8005 or by using our live chat on our website.

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