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How to prepare for your initial meeting with your lawyer


It is always best to be prepared to meet with your lawyer.

You should bring with you all documents you have that may be relevant to the potential case or issue you will be discussing with your lawyer. You will want to let your lawyer review them to determine whether they are relevant to the case.

If you have a timeline intensive case, it will be extremely helpful to write down or type out a chronological timeline of events in your case.

If you have seen any doctors related to your case, you should bring a list of those doctors and, if possible, the medical records.

If your case involves an employment issue, make sure you have the full names of your supervisors or bosses involved and other co-workers who may be witnesses.

Make sure you know the relevant dates related to your case (for example, date of car accident or injury in a personal injury case, date of termination in an employment case, date of surgery or medical procedure in a medical malpractice case, date of injury in a worker’s compensation case)

Teresa E. Harvey

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