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Am I entitled to recovery of lost wages in your personal injury case?


Absolutely.  If you miss work due to an injury resulting from a car wreck, slip and fall or other types of personal injury, you can seek recovery for your lost wages in your personal injury case.

In order to do so, you simply need to notify your lawyer of the time you missed from work and your lawyer will tell you what documents to provide. You will likely need to send your attorney something like a pay stub showing your rate of pay. You or your attorney will then contact your employer to send a letter showing exactly how much work you missed due to your injury. You can also produce off work slips from your doctor to further support your lost wage claim.

Lost wage claims can be very minimal if you only missed an hour of two of work or could be very significant if you had to miss days, weeks, or months from work due to your accident. Always make sure to tell your lawyer of any damages you might have related to your personal injury claim.

If you or a loved one was injured in a wreck, work injury, or slip n fall incident please contact our dedicated team at Chhabra & Gibbs at 601-948-8005. Consultation is Free and there is no obligation. We have an experienced team of lawyers standing by to help in your recovery of lost wages in your personal injury case.

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