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From No Credible Fear to A Winning Asylum Case


Betrand struggled to make it to the US border traveling from Cameroon to Ecuador and then through the jungles of South America. At the US/Mexico border, he requested asylum where he was eventually detained and held in US Custody for over a year as he continued to fight his case.

Initially Betrand received a negative credible fear at the border which was upheld by a Louisiana Judge. The Asylum Officer nor the Judge believed he truly feared returning to Cameroon. The Judge was quick to inform him that the Negative Credible Fear Judgement was not appealable on any level.

After multiple attorneys had failed him, Betrand’s childhood friend reached out to us to help in May of 2020. Our team immediately went to work collecting evidence for his case and filed a redetermination request with the Houston Asylum Office. After securing a follow-up interview with the asylum office, we were able to assist Betrand in achieving a positive credible fear.

With a positive credible fear, Betrand’s fear of immediate deportation subsided. Now he had to start a new chapter, his fight for asylum. Betrand received his appearance notice for the court and began his immigration court journey. We prepared for trial and finally after multiple delays from COVID to unknown continuances, Betrand got his day in Court in January 2021. We were able to fight for Betrand’s political asylum case with two arguments, one specifically for political asylum and one that categorized him in a particular social group. It was the combination of these two arguments that resonated with the Judge.

God continued to test Betrand’s patience. The trial had gone well but the judgement was not announced. We continued to wait another month before learning the Judge granted relief. Betrand was immediately released and is now starting his journey towards his much-earned work authorization and eventually his permanent residency.

Our firm takes great pride in our work and the success of our clients. We are waiting to assist you with your immigration case. Please call us at 601-927-8430 or 601-948-8005 or email us at

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