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Paraquat Herbicide Linked to Parkinson’s Disease


Paraquat herbicide is a weed and grass-killer that has been linked to Parkinson’s disease. Lawsuits are being filed alleging that Syngenta and others involved in the manufacture and distribution of Paraquat are liable for the herbicide contributing to the development of Parkinson’s disease.

Paraquat is a toxic chemical that is widely used as a herbicide, primarily for weed and grass control. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies Paraquat as “restricted use.” This means that it can be used only by people who are licensed applicators. Paraquat is marketed under various trade names including Gramoxone, Para-SHOT, Parazone, Quick-Quat, Firestorm, Helmquat and more.

Studies from 2009 until 2018 show that people who used Paraquat developed Parkinson’s disease at least 2 times more than others that do not use it. It was also revealed that any exposure to Paraquat within 1600 feet of a home resulted in an increase in Parkinson’s disease risk of 75%.

Syngenta sells Paraquat herbicides under the trade name Gramoxone. It is produced in many countries under various trade names such as Gramoxone, Paraquat Concentrate, Blanco, Cyclone SL 2.0, Firestorm, Helmquat 3SL, Bonedry, Devour, and Para-Shot 3.0.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a type of movement disorder that occurs when nerve cells in the brain don’t produce enough of a brain chemical called dopamine. Some cases of Parkinson’s are genetic, but most cases do not seem to run in families. Exposure to chemicals like Paraquat might play a role in development of the disease. Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include trembling of hands, arms, legs, jaw and face, stiffness of the arms and legs, slowness of movement, and poor balance.

Those most at risk of developing Parkinson’s as a result of Paraquat exposure include farm workers, landscapers, nursery workers, and others in occupations that require frequent use of herbicides on crops. People who use Paraquat for their own home gardens and lawns are also at risk, if they have used the herbicide regularly. You could be exposed due to prolonged skin exposure, inhalation, accidental exposure, and occupational exposure

If you or a loved one developed Parkinson’s resulting from Paraquat exposure, contact the attorneys at Chhabra Gibbs & Herrington PLLC. Filing a lawsuit could help pay for medical bills, lost wages, lost earning capacity, and emotional distress. Pursuing a claim will also encourage herbicide manufacturers to fully test their products before releasing them on the market, and to stop selling dangerous products altogether.

If you’ve been injured from use of Paraquat, call us today at 601-948-8005 for your free consultation to discuss your rights. We are here for you. At Chhabra Gibbs & Herrington PLLC, your case is our cause.

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