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Police Report After an Accident


Obtaining a police report after an accident is crucial. A police report is a vital piece needed when filling a claim with the insurance company as well as with a personal injury attorney for any injuries that you may have sustained.

What is a Police Report

A police report is created by the responding officer at the scene of the accident. This report includes important information about what happened as to the best of his knowledge. The police report includes:

  • Information of all people involved in the wreck including the vehicles
  • Information of any witnesses to the crash
  • Drawn diagram of the crash with details and who was where
  • Many times, they even determine who is at fault for the wreck

This information is very important as it lets the attorneys know who was at fault and who their insurance provider is so they can pursue for damages and financial compensation.

How to Obtain a Police Report

In order to get a police report you can either reach out to the police station that responded to the crash and give them your case number or you can call your insurance company as they will have a copy of this as well. If you are unable to get the police report for some reason let your attorney know so they may reach out and get it.

A car wreck can be a scary and painful experience but by contacting an experienced car accident attorney, they can help ease your troubles and get you the compensation you deserve. Chhabra & Gibbs P.A. has over 130 years of combined experience dealing with all types of injury cases.

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