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Why choose Chhabra & Gibbs for my MVA case?


Why choose Chhabra & Gibbs for your MVA case? There are many questions that run through the mind of any person involved in a car wreck.  Do I need a lawyer?  And which one of the many law firms out there that handle car wrecks should I choose from?

The answer to the first question is easy. If you are injured, first you need a doctor, then you need a lawyer.  An experienced law firm can help guide you through the process of making certain you are being fairly compensated for the injuries from your car wreck.  You pay us nothing if we don’t win, and even after contingency fees, our experience is that people get better results in their pocket with our services than if they had tried to navigate the minefield alone.  It is not a process that can be easily handled by someone without the experience and having a good lawyer in your corner is a necessity in maximizing the recovery in your pocket.

It would be easy to throw a rock and hit any number of billboards along I-55 or Highway 49 that advertise law firms claiming they will be there for you every step of the way.  They are big and flashy, with catchy slogans that pull you in and make you feel warm and fuzzy about how things will go.

Chhabra & Gibbs has been up, running, and helping individuals for over 20 years.  We don’t work for insurance companies – never have.  We fight against them.  We have helped thousands of clients and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of the careers of our lawyers.  But you won’t see a Chhabra & Gibbs billboard sandwiched between the many billboards you see along the highway.  We let our results and the happiness of our clients tell our story.  We offer a free consultation with a lawyer when you contact us.  There is no pressure to sign a contract or commit to anything.

Once you sign up with our firm, you have the benefit of our full legal staff including attorneys and paralegals to pursue your case.  Not only that, but you also get to talk to a person.  Sounds strange, but talking to a real person can be rare these days.  At our firm, you will receive the personal touch and attention from your lawyer and your support staff that other, larger firms can’t give you.  So, why choose Chhabra & Gibbs for your MVA case?  Because experience and results are what matters.  You want your lawyer’s time and money spent on your case, not advertising for the next one.

Contact our firm today at 601-948-8005 to receive a free consultation about your MVA, or any other legal issues you might be having, and let us help you get on a path back to living your life. For more legal articles visit

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