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How long does it take to get a hearing date for Social Security or family law matters?


I have clients ask me all the time, when will my hearing be or how long will it take to get a hearing date? When it comes to Social Security or family law matters, the answer is…it depends.

All courts have different ways of setting hearings. Some counties have more judges than other counties have. Some courts have more cases than other courts have. Some judges only set hearings on certain days of the week. Some courts have more court reporters available for hearings that have to be on the record than other courts do. When there is more than one party to a hearing, all parties have to agree on a certain date. All of these things have an effect on how long you will have to wait for a hearing date on your case.

I handle a lot of Social Security disability and Chancery Court matters, along with some in Circuit Court as well for personal injury cases.

For Social Security Disability cases, unfortunately, this is the longest wait for a hearing. However, on a positive note, the delay in getting a hearing is improving. Several years ago, I had a few cases take almost 2 years before they were set for a hearing due to the backlog with Social Security and the average was about 15-18 months before a hearing was set. This past year, I have noticed that average has dropped to about 9-12 months, which is a really good thing for the clients waiting to see if they will be approved for disability.

In Chancery Court, the time to get a hearing varies. If it is a simple, uncontested matter that does not need to be on the record where a court reporter is needed, you can generally get a hearing within a few weeks. If it is required to be on the record it usually takes several weeks to several months to get a hearing, depending on how busy that specific court’s docket is at that time.

CoVid-19 has likely had an effect on hearings dates as well, although, in my experience, it has not held up any of my hearings. Judges have been very proactive by holding telephonic hearings when in person hearings were not possible and allowing attorneys to submit other matters by mail or email.

My advice to my clients is to just be patient. When you are working with the courts and other attorneys representing another party, it is sometimes hard to find a date that works for everyone, but we are always working to get you the quickest hearing possible.

If you or a loved one has any Social Security or family law matters questions and think you may need a lawyer, contact the dedicated attorneys at CG Law Group today. CG Law Group is an affiliate firm of Chhabra & Gibbs, and we have the experience to fight for your rights. Call for a Free confidential consultation at 601-948-8005.

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