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Common Workplace Injuries


There are thousands of workplace injuries every year, many of them serious. Each job comes with its own individual hazards and risks. It is as much the employer’s responsibility to ensure proper safety and health procedures are followed as it is the employees. The most common accidents in the workplace include:

Slips, trips, and falls: Whether you work in a shop, office, or factory, you’re likely to encounter slippery surfaces at some point. For builders who rely on ladders and other platforms, falling from height can be very dangerous.

Strained muscles: Common workplace injury for those who regularly lift heavy items. Strained muscles can also be related to pushing, pulling, and carrying activities.

Repetitive strain injury (RSI): Can result from any repetitive motion of the joints. It can be caused due to repetitive use, compression, vibrations, or long periods in fixed positions. Employers don’t always take repetitive strain injuries serious because it’s not always as obvious as other injuries such as slips and falls.

Being hit by falling objects: This isn’t just a problem in warehouse type environments. Objects may fall from shelves, desks, display fixtures, etc. Placing items in a safe and secure manner can reduce this risk.

Crashes and collisions: Depending on where you work, crashes and collisions are another common injury. Whether that be from a company vehicle, a forklift, or any other drivable machinery in the workplace.

Cuts and lacerations: Workplaces often have several pieces of equipment and machinery that can leave its workers with painful cuts. Employers should put procedures in place to limit the likelihood of these injuries.

Fights at work: Workplace tension may turn into physical confrontation that could result in serious injury.

Inhaling toxic fumes: Those that work with hazardous chemicals may be at risk of skin or eye reactions when exposed to them without proper protection.

After a workplace injury, contact your supervisor immediately and seek medical treatment if necessary. Finding an experienced worker’s comp attorney is the next crucial step to make sure your rights are protected.

If you or a loved one have questions about whether your workplace injury falls under the jurisdiction of the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission, Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A. is here to help. Contact us at 601-948-8005 today for your workman’s compensation needs.

Consultation is free. Everything is confidential. There is no obligation. We have a team of lawyers and staff ready to guide you through this process and ensure your rights are protected

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